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1. Opinions  
"The Certified Financial Engineer program offered by the European Institute of Quantitative Finance (EIQF), has been in my case quite useful, since it is well-structured and with the most recent…  
2. EIQF scholarship  
EIQF scholarship Non-students who have opted for "Professional Excellence" can apply for a EIQF scholarship. The EIQF scholarship is a high distinction and is awarded to individuals who demonstrate…  
3. Certified Financial Engineer | EIQF  
ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE The path to Academic Excellence. Inform yourself PROFESSIONAL EXCELLENCE The path for professionals and students to become Financial Engineering experts. Inform…  
4. Accreditation  
Accreditation The HfWU has successfully passed the system accreditation by the Accreditation Council. This means that the University's own system for quality assurance in studies and teaching has…  
5. Thank you  
Thank you Thanky you for registration. Your EIQF-Team  
6. Registration  
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7. Exam  
Exam Our training is digital and global We have been practicing e-learning for over 10 years and are continuously developing our program. You can take the course at any time from all…  
8. Program  
Become a Certified Financial Engineer© It is up to you to take the most important decision for your career by joining the Certified Financial Engineer program:     Financial…  
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Thank you Thank you for your exam registration. Your EIQF-Team  
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