FAQ about Certified Financial Engineer

Questions and answers concerning the Certified Financial Engineer programme.

The Certified Financial Engineer Programme is targeted at professionals in the fields of banking, investment banking and wealth management. The Certified Financial Engineer programme is highly applicable also for the areas of advisory and risk controlling, product development as well as product implementation. In addition the programme targets university graduates who want to enhance their skills either during or following their studies. Since the programme is based on a textbook and selfstudy, it can be completed while working or studying.

The Certified Financial Engineer Programme is the first and currently the only neutral offering for financial engineers, investment bankers, wealth managers and so forth to show their expertise in this field. The Certified Financial Engineer Programme enhances transparency and due to its high demands on performance provides an important and respected qualification.

The Certified Financial Engineer Programme is specifically aimed at the field of financial engineering. The knowledge provided is particularly related to the areas of derivatives, modeling, risk controlling, structuring and valuation of financial products. Today, the insights obtained are necessary and in demand in every financial engineering unit of investment banks, in the advisory field in wealth management as well as in product planning and development.

The European Institute of Financial Engineering and Derivatives (EIFD) is an independent academic institute located in Frankfurt a. M. The institute is not for profit and works in applied research with strong practical application.

The Certified Financial Engineer is the first and currently the only adequate and neutral title in the field of financial engineering. The financial crisis currently poses huge challenges for banks. How can risks be managed and monitored in a sustainable fashion? How should derivatives be structured? How can the transparency of financial products be enhanced? The Certified Financial Engineer supports banks when answering these kinds of questions and is an important decision criterion when choosing new employees. Since lifelong learning is becoming more and more relevant, the Certified Financial Engineer will continue to play an important role in internal and external training, continuing education and examination requirements.

The Certified Financial Engineer Programme is structured in the form of self-studies with additional face-to-face instruction (as required). Normally 8 to 12 months should be budgeted for the programme. Depending on previous knowledge, this time period may also be shorter.

Deutsche Börse Group is a partner of the European Institute of Financial Engineering and Derivatives. Deutsche Börse takes care of the processing of registration transactions and provides its infrastructure to the EIFD. EIFD is neutral and Deutsche Börse does not exert influence on the programme or the exams. The exchange trader exam Eurex which is offered by Deutsche Börse is accepted by EIFD in partial fulfillment of the required examinations, assuming that the prerequisites outlined in the programme requirements are met.

Deutsche Börse AG as partner of the European Institute of Financial Engineering and Derivatives offers face-to-face instruction. Its content is coordinated with EIFD and authorized by EIFD. In addition EIFD is also offering its own events, which can be booked via Deutsche Börse (as partner for the registration). An overview of the events can be obtained from our homepage www.certifiedfinancialengineer.com.


The costs for the Certified Financial Engineer Programme (complete package) amount to EUR 3995.00 plus 19% sales tax. The Certified Financial Engineer Programme fee includes the initial examination, the textbook Financial Engineering (published by Oldenbourg Publishing, Munich) as well as professional programme support.

We offer each exam (in German or English) once a month in Eschborn (near Frankfurt) at Deutsche Boerse AG.  

For the foreign Deutsche Boerse offices are individual test dates available. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Send us an email: program‎@eifd‎.‎de