Participants in the "Certified Financial Engineer" certificate course who have chosen the academic path (Academic Excellence) acquire so-called ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) upon successful completion. In this context they receive

  • the certificates "Certified Financial Engineer" by the European Institute of Quantitative Finance in German and English
  • a university certificate of the HfWU
  • as well as a Certificate Supplement with the proof of performance and the acquired ECTS.

The participants can choose between the following 4 main subjects:

  • 1st focus: Financial Engineering with Derivatives
  • 2nd focus: Financial Engineering in Risk Management
  • 3rd focus: Financial Engineering in Corporate Finance

Participants receive a total of 8 ECTS within each focus.

Thus, after successful completion of the Certified Financial Engineer (case study and written examination), a total of 8 ECTS can be presented for recognition in Bachelor and Master courses.

The ECTS acquired within the framework of Academic Excellence are recognized for the Master of Science (M.Sc.) Quantitative Finance at the HfWU.

Due to compliance issues, ECTS crediting for consecutive Master's programs at the HfWU and generally crediting at the Munich University of Applied Sciences (HM) is excluded.