EIFD scholarship

Non-students who have opted for "Professional Excellence" can apply for a EIFD scholarship. The EIFD scholarship is a high distinction and is awarded to individuals who demonstrate a high level of motivation for the subject of financial modeling. EIFD scholarship holders receive a EIFD scholarship certificate. The course management decides on the award of the EIFD scholarship.

The application for a EIFD scholarship must be made in writing and sent by email to the following address: scholarship‎@eifd‎.‎de.

We would like to ask you to submit the following documents for the EIFD scholarship:

  • Detailed curriculum vitae
  • Detailed letter of motivation
  • Possible social and honorary engagement

GICF scholarship holders receive a EIFD scholarship certificate and a reduction in fees from €3,995 plus VAT to €1,995 plus VAT. This scholarship is linked to the fact that you do not acquire ECTS. This means that you will receive the "Certified Financial Engineer" certificate in English, but no university certificate and certificate supplement. After graduation, you can hold the title "Certified Financial Engineer". The EIFD scholarship means that you give us a testimonial with a picture of the course, which we can publish on our website.